Winter Maintenance

Check ropes, bilges, book at Boatyard Winter special.  Avoid the September to December rush


30 Jun 2023

As many a seasoned boatie will understand, keeping on top of your winter boat maintenance can save you a lot of stress and money during the warmer summer months.

The Bay of Islands – Port Opua Marina is here to help and have provided some tips on how to stay on top of your maintenance. We are also offering a Winter Special at our boatyard, so make sure to book in quick!

Here are a few tips to prepare your boat for winter:

* Use your boat: Probably the best way to ensure your boat remains ready for summer, is to use it regularly over winter!

* Fuel: Left for any length of time, fuel can spoil through degradation or contamination. If you’ve got a full tank when you go to lay up your boat for winter, consider adding a fuel stabiliser – or, if you have less than half a tank, drain it completely before use in the summer.

* Change the oils: Fresh engine oil and oil filter replacement are not a bad idea. Never hurts to also check the gearbox as well.

* Look after the interior: Avoid mouldy surprises by storing linen, clothing, blankets and curtains ashore, washed and dry. Prop the fridge door open, to help it ventilate.

* Perform engine Maintenance

* Take care of the batteries