Clean Marina Programme

cleanmarina-logoWe are proud to announce the launch of the “Clean Marina Programme” developed on behalf of the NZ Marina Operators’ Association which represents over 10,000 marina berths throughout New Zealand. They now have a dedicated website – for further info click on the link below. Check out the link on the website to “Kiwi Green” manufacturer of eco-friendly saltwater cleaning products.


Clean Boating

cleanboating-logoAs a recreational user of our waterways you want to enjoy safe and healthy waters. This website has been designed to give you some simple tips for boating clean and green in New Zealand. For valuable info and factsheets to download.


Coastguard Northern Region

logo-2Bay of Islands Marina is proud to be associated with Coastguard Northern Region in a number of ways. The VHF Channel for Coastguard in Northland is channel 83.



The New Zealand Marina Operators Association Inc.

MOA logo(NZMOA) is the national trade association for the marina industry and its suppliers. NZMOA is a non-profit, volunteer organisation composed of almost all the coastal and waterway marinas around New Zealand, as well as a number of boatyards and commercial members whose firms supply products and services to marinas.