Make your Marina and Boatyard booking below, but first here are the Terms and Conditions:

Boat Maintenance:

  • Pay for 5 days of in-the-water servicing in our work-berth K Pier and enjoy an extended stay of 7 days (30% off the standard berth rate).
  • Additional days in-the-water beyond the initial 7 days will be available at 80% of the standard berth rate
    (20% off the standard berth rate).

Boatyard Bonus:

  • After your in-the-water servicing, you can haul your boat out and receive a complimentary waterblast (up to the value of $200 inc GST).
  • Pay for 5 days of boatyard time but enjoy an extended stay of 7 days.
  • If additional days on the hardstand are required, participants can pay for those additional days.

Exciting Draw:

  • Every Boatyard participant is eligible for the draw.
  • Every participant will get one of two chances to win their Propspeed and Antifoul application applied by our Boatyard Paint Team, up to the value of $3500 (inc GST), credited to the winner’s account – valid for 12 months.
  • The credit cannot be utilized during the busy period of September – December.
  • To qualify for the draw, participants must book (below) before July 1st.
  • The first draw will be held on July 2nd, and the second draw will take place on August 2nd.

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