The Bay of Islands Marina boatyard is one of New Zealand’s top haul-out and wash-down facilities. It has a 50-tonne, 5.2m beam travel lift and a 100-tonne, 9.7m beam slipway for vessels up to 35m.

Boatyard services include short or long-term hardstand, floating work berths, on-site painting and anti-fouling:

Travel Lift: Yachts over 12m

Hauling boats up to 50 tonnes, beam ups 5.2m (17ft). Vessels over 12m (39.3ft) need to release forestay or backstay. Skippers are welcome to go alongside the adjacent jetty to release the stay requires before haul out.

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Hard Stand

Our hard stand, which can accommodate 55 vessels, is conveniently positioned close to marine service providers. Alternatively, we offer a quieter long term area away from the main work area. We can arrange boat haulage or Hiab trucks. There is easy access for all contractors and power and water is available at all sites.

If you are planning on undertaking work on your own vessel, please remember that all material considered environmentally offensive (eg. antifoul scrapings etc.) must be collected on ground sheets. You must use approved vacuum dust extraction equipment which is also available for hire from our boat yard office.

Dry Sanding – when machine sanding approved vacuum dust extraction equipment must be used (see boatyard office to hire). When hand sanding all reasonable efforts must be taken to contain/clean up dust while sanding (use of vacuum equipment for clean up preferred).

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Maintenance berths

Our floating work berths are conveniently located next to the marina, boatyard and Marine Park for boats up to 30 metres (98ft) with a maximum draft of 3 metres (9.84ft). Spray touch ups are permitted. Fees are the same as the daily rate in the marina.

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For your boat to be in the yard you must have a minimum of third party insurance. We can sell weekly cover for vessels on the work berth.

Sub contractors

Contractors working in the yard or maintenance berths must have an approved site access agreement and they must sign in and out. We have contact with many contracting companies who have the required liability insurance.

An OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) register is held in the boatyard office.

Sand blasting

Sand blasting is permitted in the boatyard.

Water blasting

Water blasting is permitted.


Our security service carry out two checks nightly.


Bay of Islands Marine Painters will provide a high quality finish to fit your budget. It offers a total service for pre-paint preparation, resprays and touch-ups using world-class paint finishes. Touch-ups can be done in the yard or on the maintenance berths.

The spray shop takes boats up to 18m (60ft) in a compliant, controlled environment using top quality equipment and highly skilled craftsmen, selected by Team New Zealand for their expertise.

Services include:

  • Hull blasting and cleaning
  • Hull preparation and antifoul removal
  • Complete antifouling services
  • Prop speed application
  • Hull and deck cut and polish


Living aboard is allowed on the hardstand or maintenance berths. This is a NO discharge area – holding tanks and onshore facilities must be used. Bay of Islands Marina (50 m away) has a free pump out facility.


A used-oil disposal tank, a place for scrap batteries and skip bins for any other rubbish are available on site.

Toilets & showers

Toilets and showers are available on site. Showers cost NZ$2.00 for four minutes. If you need change visit the boatyard office.

BBQ Deck

A BBQ and deck next to the travel lift is available free for all yard users.